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By Alex Schiro

Updated May 29, 2018

Dr. Randy Charrier Helps Houston Patients See Again after LASIK Failed.

Highly Customized hard contact lenses For Patients After RK Or Corneal Transplants Allows Many To Drive Safely, Removes Glares & Haloes & Achieve Amazing Vision

A rare event after LASIK surgery is an eye complication.

LASIK surgery promotes a fantastic track record boasting that many patients achieve perfect vision, yet some eyes don't react the same way. Whenever a person undergoes eye surgery that reshapes the cornea, 1 of 2 symptoms of could occur. The patient could experience dry eye symptoms where irritation, burning, and redness will develop. Or, a patient could experience sensitivity to light and possibly blurriness. Either of these symptoms may only last for a few months, sometimes the eye will not recover from the surgery as expected. Any eye complication can be devastating, especially when undergoing the LASIK surgery held such high hopes.

When LASIK surgery fails, patients often struggle when trying to find a solid solution. Often, post LASIK surgery, patients start on a long journey to restore their vision. After visiting various local eye doctors, the common suggestions are either more surgery or simply told there are no adequate solutions. 

Were you told you could no longer wear contact lenses?

Patients who experience poor vision after LASIK surgery should avoid further eye surgery.

Instead, a consultation with Dr. Randy Charrier can provide viable, accessible solutions that guarantee comfortable, crisp vision that will still bring you to perfect vision.

“Our contact lens center specializes in complicated cases,”  said Dr. Charrier, a leading contact lens specialist and a local of Houston, TX. “We chose the name Family Vision Solutions because we want our patients to know that we carry solutions for their eyes. Ranging from basic eye care needs to solving their most complicated medical eye problems, they can come to us. Whether a patient has glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or even keratoconus, our eye doctors can provide a treatment for them.”

Patients after LASIK complications may end up in vision that is 20/200 or worse. With a scleral lens fitted by Dr. Charrier, they can achieve even 20/20 in some cases.

Scleral lenses have become one of the ideal solutions for post-refractive surgery that has gone wrong. While Dr. Randy Charrier utilizes a variety of custom contact lenses like scleral lenses, certainly scleral lenses have become widely used with typically successful outcomes. When LASIK fails, the results can be devastating. One enters thinking they're correcting their vision forever, and ends up lost, disoriented, and rejected without the ability to see clearly. Not only can LASIK complications lead to depression and numerous visual challenges, but finding an eye doctor who is capable of providing a real solution is rare.

For any patient who struggles with poor vision, whether due to post-refractive surgery or simply has never found a real solution for their vision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Randy Charrier today.

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