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Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea is distorted in shape, resulting in poor vision. This condition can be helped with a highly customized gas permeable contact lens.

In advanced stages, keratoconus can result in thinning and scarring of the cornea. Corneal topography (a map of the cornea surface) can be used to monitor keratoconus and watch for progression. In some cases, a cornea transplant and scleral contact lens is necessary to improve vision.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

Very thorough. Very informative. Great experience.
2 weeks ago
- Tom F.
I’ve been seeing Dr Charrier every year for my annual check for several years. He is by far the best eye doctor I’ve ever had. He is never in a rush and takes time to listen to any issues. Just wish I’d found him sooner. His office staff and assistants do a great job too, not like the “drones” you find in many medical offices these days.
3 weeks ago
- David K.
Thank you Dr. Charrier for being such a great doctor. Always so willing and caring for your patients. Just love the way you take time in explaining everything to us. Your staff is awesome.
3 weeks ago
- Lila V.
The staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable they help us out with our insurance. I recommend this place they take good care of you.
4 weeks ago
- Mariahdhhddhdb G.
Dr. Charrier is amazing. He takes time to talk you through any issues and is very patient, kind and passionate about his work.
1 month ago
- Elissa S.
Went to Family Vision Solutions with an issue with my vision. I received a very thorough exam. I feel confident that their diagnosis is correct and the proper treatment is being provided. Dr Brown spent time reviewing all the images of my eye with me so I could truly understand what was happening. I cannot recommend her enough.
2 months ago
- Darlene E.
Great establishment! Dr. Brown was very efficient, professional and friendly for the visit! Front desk staff is always kind and welcoming.
2 months ago
- Brandi P.