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Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea is distorted in shape, resulting in poor vision. This condition can be helped with a highly customized gas permeable contact lens.

In advanced stages, keratoconus can result in thinning and scarring of the cornea. Corneal topography (a map of the cornea surface) can be used to monitor keratoconus and watch for progression. In some cases, a cornea transplant and scleral contact lens is necessary to improve vision.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

Family Vision Solutions has an awesome team, from the Dr. and his intern to the receptionist. They all seem to have the same goal and that is to serve their customers with the greatest care possible. I will definitely be sending my family and all my friends to them.
- Jesse G.
Dr. Charrier is one of the most caring individuals and really puts his patient’s best interest first. He is very knowledgeable about all conditions he works closely with including keratoconus, lasik complications, RK complications, pellucid marginal degeneration, and much more. Highly recommend seeing him if you’re looking to be taught about your condition and receive top notch care!
- Lauren L.
Dr. Charrier is ny hero. I have a very complicated vision challenge and he has worked with me and given what I think is the best possible vision for my condition. I have been to other experts in the field abd not have positive results. Thank you Dr. Charrier
- Laurie H.
Family Vision Solutions is the best! From the administrative personnel at the front desk, to the medical technicians, to Dr Charrier himself, everyone is very knowledgeable and provides outstanding patient concern. I highly recommend Dr Charrier and his wonderful staff.
- Peggy W.
It was so great. They are a god sent i was not able to see in over three years . and now i can see almost in 20 20 vision . he will be my doctor for as long as im alive
- Lakeshia S.
This is my first ever review, I had to do it ! .i’ve never met a medical professional with that level of talent, knowledge, time to talk. He just care and is good. Thank you doctor Charrier.
- Nicolas K.
Dr. Charrier is amazing. He’s the only doctor that has been able to fit me with contacts due to my Keratoconus. I will now be able to potentially see 20/20.
- Javier S.