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Beth M.

I love Dr. Charrier and his staff; everyone is so courteous and helpful. He is so thorough with my eye exams that I feel my eyes are in the best care. I had radial keratotomy in the 80’s and my previous eye specialist said there was nothing more he could do for me to improve my sight and that I would never pass another driver’s eye exam. I was terrified since I was only 69 and my husband had passed away a few months before.
I was referred to Dr. Charrier since he was holding a clinical trial for my problem. He informed me that one of the side effects of the radial keratotomy was that some people’s corneas collapsed and mine were. He fit me with schelara lens and I am 72 and just passed my driver’s eye exam! I see so well. I recommend this business highly and am so grateful for them.

- Beth M.