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Jerone W.

Where do I start? First of all,I would like to thank God for his divine intervention,for allowing me to come in contact with Dr. Richard Cherrier(hope I spelled it correctly lol( and the entire staff at a Family Vision Solutions. I’m a keractocous patient,that have it very severely. I’ve been coming here I think three years now,and I would not dare go anywhere else. When I first came to Family Vision Solutions,I came down and depressed,didn’t know if I would be able to see clearly again,or enough to live a functional life without the aid of my peers. When I first started this journey of wearing contacts,I struggled with them,didn’t know how to put them in,would lose them, and they would even be shattered in my possession. This year,and at this very moment,this staff has diligently worked with me and now I can put them on with ease. I will forever be grateful and indebted to this Family Vision Soluton for the generosity and kidness that have shown and given me throughout my journey. They’re like family to me,im always talking about his established(I’m serious though). I tell every individual that have any type of vision problems that I have contact with where to go! That’s Family Vision Solutions!! If you’re not coming to Family Vision Solutions,I don’t know why you’re waiting!!!

- Jerone W.